My Frequently Asked FAQ Article

There is nothing more certain in life than needing the services of a reliable plumbing service. However, trying to hire one in times of crisis is never a good idea, as common sense and logic go out the window. So doing your due diligence and finding one before you actually need their services is the best way to go. Which prompted me to write my questions and answers article. I have provided you with all the services that I offer, and a brief overview of what you can expect from Cobra Sewer Service Plumbing Repair.

Are you experienced enough to undertake my job?

I have 40 years on the job, is that enough? I opened my affordable plumbing repair service back in 1980, and since then I have had hundreds of jobs under my belt. My Lakeport, CA based clients know me for my integrity, honesty, reliability, and precision workmanship, which is why they pass on my contact details to friends and family members. I use both old and new methods, depending on what the job warrants, and still educate myself on any new advancements in my line of work, so I have something to offer everyone. My services include everything to do with plumbing, and I have provided you with a list of what I have to offer.

Will you accept a check, or do you only take cash jobs?

Of course, you can use a check. Whatever method you are comfortable using is fine by me.

Do you only offer your services to the people living in the Lakeport, CA area?

No. As a self-employed plumber, I am free to go where I’m needed. My areas of travel are listed below:

Clearlake, CA

Clearlake Riviera, CA

Kelseyville, CA

Lucerne, CA

Nice, CA

Will I need an appointment?

Yes, unless it is a dire emergency. I require appointments to be made because this is when I provide my estimate on what the job costs, what I need to do, the length of time it will take, and the complexity of the job.

What about discounts, can you afford to offer them?

I sure can, my senior, military, and new customers will all receive $20 off any of my services.

Do you take on any commercial work?

No, my focus remains on my residential clients.

You mentioned emergencies, does that mean you offer emergency services?

I do indeed, if you look at my list of services below, you will see I have included this.

What about your working hours?

Cobra Sewer Service Plumbing Repair is open from the following times:

Monday: – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Service list, what is on yours?

I can offer you the following:

Plumbing Repairs;

Residential Plumbing Services;

Sewer Cleaning;

Drain Cleaning;

Camera Inspection;

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services;

Details are available on request.

What about warranties?

I do offer them, and they vary depending on the service I am hired to do.

I will conclude my questions and answers post here, if you are confident enough with what you have read here, and would like to press on, please do not hesitate to call this number (707) 900-1645 if you need to make an appointment for plumbing repair within my working hours, or, or in cases of emergency.

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